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I for one will run against Leyva in 2012. 

But with that said, I am ALSO WILLING NOT TO RUN and I PREFER that we can get a candidate that has name recognition, can unite the party, appeal to voters across our district and of course can raise the funds necessary to win in 2012.  I believe Visclosky is vulnerable and Leyva is simply not our guy to defeat him.   

We can appeal to the democratic voters in our district without alienating them.

 For our union brothers, we can appeal to them by not spewing anti-union rhetoric.  This is not lying nor is it pandering.  We all want fair wages for fair day’s labor, fair trade for fair trade.  Most of them support the some of the same values that we republicans have:  Eliminating Excessive Taxation, Pro-2nd Amendment, Pro-Life, Pro-Family Values. 

Our region’s democratic voters are “our family”, we all have family members who vote straight ticket democrat (which drives us nuts), but we also know that they totally disagree with some of the far left agendas like Gay Marriage and Abortion.  They are not members of the east/west coast far left looney tunes variety of democrats.  We can appeal to their senses of right and wrong, while we might not win all of them, we can win over quite a few of them.  Think Reagan Democrats, we have had conservative Democrats from the region represent us in Congress, Floyd Fithian and Adam Benjamin come to mind.  

As to our friends in Gary, East Chicago, Hammond, Lake Station they too are not as liberal as we think.  Simply ask them about family values and the destruction of the family structures and you will get them to give you a listen.  Bottom line; make a few visits to those areas, aka, “Listening tour.”  Even Mitch Daniels has done this and so should any of our candidates for Congress.   With Gary’s impending bankruptcy, they will be listening and more willing to look at new solutions to their problems.

What else we can talk about is facts:  70+ years the democrats have run Lake County how has that worked out for us?  Pete Visclosky has been your congressman for 26 years and steel mill (union) jobs are down 43%, how’s he helping  the working man?  You hear and see all the corruption in Lake County; does this encourage you to want to pay more taxes?  How would you finally like to send a message to your local representatives that you will not tolerate the corruption of years past?   Do you agree with Visclosky’s PMA ties? (You would be surprised a lot of the union leaders are not happy with that one!) 

Working with Mitch Daniels and other Indiana leaders we can show that the area can return to its heyday of a vibrant and growing economic metropolis.  We have some VERY SUCCESSFUL bases to build upon and could make this a true economic recovery for all NW Indiana Hoosiers.  We have a lot to offer, close proximity to the Great Lakes, Chicago, and Industry etc.  We will not grow with the power base of straight party democrat party rule and corruption it brings.  The recent election of Hank Adams and other republicans demonstrates that the fissure of one party rule in our district is coming to fruition.    

Leyva did not win the primary this year as he has done in the years past (no opposition of note).  This is the first time he had some serious challengers and we simply split the votes thus enabling him to win.  I assure you if I would have known that would have happened I would have stepped aside for the sake of a better candidate that could win against Visclosky.      

As to the eight of us who ran, we all had strengths and weakness that we brought to the table.  But this is the time to be united and give it our 100% behind one candidate and it is time for Mark Leyva to step aside for the betterment of the party. 

So post your recommendations and the why’s we should support your ideal candidate (Name names please).  Let’s be forward thinking and let us not destroy one or another.  So no flaming someone you don’t like (be constructive in you criticism) and let us have an adult conversation here.

Like I said, I want us find the best candidate for 2012, rally for him or her and change our district for the better!   I for one am willing to lend a hand!


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